143 Fear of Failure is a Spiritual Force



Fear of Failure is a Spiritual Force



For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
I Timothy 1:7



Fear is a spiritual force. Just as faith activates God, fear activates Satan. Just as faith invites God to manifest Himself, fear invites Satan to manifest himself. Fear is nothing more than confidence in the devil. It is the opposite of faith.

Let me tell you something about fear. We aren’t born with it. A baby does not enter the world with a fear of failure. Fear is learned…and can be unlearned. But we attract either faith or fear into our lives every day by what we choose to embrace in our minds – what we listen to, read, and watch.

Fear is an emotional response, which leads us to settle for far less than what God has planned for our lives. To the extent we allow fear to control us, we limit our potential. By limiting our potential, we are never truly free to be ourselves.

Fear of failure is powerful, so it’s no surprise that it is a key tactic used by Satan. It is the greatest obstacle to our success, and a significant way Satan tries to destroy our passion. Satan reminds us of our past failures to tempt us to fear that we will fail again. The fear becomes an obstacle or a barrier in our life so that we never gain confidence to step out again. The fear of failure robs us of thinking big and expecting great things in our lives. The fear of failure will keep us from stepping out and doing something new or something different.

God expects us to be fearless and bold in the face of all adversity. I have found that a great motivator to confront fear is passion and desire. Whatever I have passion and desire for, I will see through to the end – regardless of fear of failure. I am passionate for God and I have a passion for souls. I also have a passion for life itself. Fear of failure can have no place in keeping me from pursuing God’s best in these areas.

You will never find a person who has great faith and great fear at the same time. One negates the other. When faith comes, fear goes. But our faith must be based on the character of God and what He promises in His Word. If we are not grounded in the Word, when fear comes, our faith goes.

God is always ready to take us higher in life, but first we must confront our fear of failure.
If we are to experience God’s best, then it is mandatory that we refuse to remain afraid of failure.

Will you choose today to confront any fears that are limiting you? Now that’s the choice driven life!


Today’s Bible Reading:

 2 Chr 19-20; 2 Kings 1; Matt 3; Psalm 20





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  1. Hello Olga,
    Thank you for your post and suggested Bible readings. Have a blessed day!

  2. John Randolph says:

    Amen i am sharing this a simple but very important truth

  3. HI, Olga!

    I can’t tell you want a blessing and answer to prayer your devotional “Fear of Failure is a Spiritual Force” has been to me! It has gotten be out of bed (where I have been the last two days with great fatigue and body ache) and has helped me start claiming the Word and goodness of God again. Your words were pointed and anointed, and activated my spirit again.

    Thank you and may God continue to bless your ministry!


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