134 Top 10 Parenting Choices (Part 2)


Top 10 Parenting Choices (Part 2)



The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice: 
and he that begetteth a wise [child] shall have joy of him.
Proverbs 23:24



When was the last time you took a child in your arms and blessed him or her, just as Jesus took the children into His arms and blessed them? We also bless our children by being real, transparent, consistent and willing to let go. Here are the remaining 5 of the top 10 parenting choices.

6. Acknowledge your faults
We need to keep it real. Parents are people too, and we make mistakes. James 5:16 says: “Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed…” Be quick to humble yourself and ask forgiveness of your children when you’ve made a mistake. At first, this was difficult for me to do. I was afraid that my children would reject me, but instead they respected my humility.

7. Keep a sense of humour
Laughter is like medicine. A good laugh is a great way to diffuse emotional situations. When we laugh at ourselves and our circumstances, it promotes a happy, stable home by stopping the negative in its tracks. It’s not the end of the world when our kids run in the house, spill drinks, or lose their belongings. Today’s “tragedy” is tomorrow’s funny story. So see the humour in things now.

8. Treat your children equally
Children are each different and should not be compared to one another. Our children should never feel that one is preferred over another. While it’s appropriate to have different rules for different ages, love and respect should flow equally to all.

9. Administer discipline
Discipline is difficult, yet necessary. Children must be disciplined in love and the discipline should be age appropriate. The Bible has many warnings about the unwanted results from failure to discipline those over whom God has placed us in authority.

10. Let go and let God
Sometimes parents tend to overprotect their children. These parents are in fear and feel that they must keep their children in their control at all times. We are living in dangerous and uncertain times and it is easy to find ourselves feeling afraid. There is nothing the enemy enjoys more than seeing us in fear. But we do not need to be afraid. There is a point at which we must let go and trust God, believing that the training we have instilled in our children will preserve and protect them.

We also release our children into God’s tender care, by praying for them. Prayer and intercession are very important for our children. I know of many examples where parents have either seen in the Spirit or were quickened by the Spirit to pray for their child. Because of prayer, the enemy was stopped from destroying or coming against their child’s life. Today is the day to stand firm on God’s Word and protect your family!

Will you choose to renew your determination to parenting diligently? Now, that’s the choice driven life!




Today’s Bible Reading:

Eccl 7-9; 2 Tim 3; Psalm 46





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