125 Humble Yourself and Ask!


Humble Yourself and Ask!



Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God,
that he may exalt you in due time.
I Peter 5:6



Some people hate to “bother” God with details of their everyday lives. Especially things they have under control. They think God is too busy with people who really need His help or that with so many people who depend on Him, He has no time for small requests. Or at the other extreme, some people believe that we are to soldier through Satan’s attacks in our own strength.

All of these mistaken ideas cloud the real issue: God wants us to ask for help and He wants us to ask often. He loves us through and through. No issue is too small. He cares about everything that concerns us. And He certainly doesn’t expect us to resist Satan’s attacks in our own strength.

He always desires to intervene and help us, but He waits for us to ask Him to get involved in our lives. He has given us the freedom of choice and will never work against His own will.

The Bible says, “You do not have, because you do not ask” (James 4:2). We experience so much frustration simply because we are too independent to ask for help. We have our own inflated ideas about what we can accomplish on our own. We need to have a humble attitude, knowing that apart from God, we can do nothing.

But victory is ours, when we are convinced that God cares; that He wants to intervene and act on our behalf; and that He waits for us to ask. When we humble ourselves and ask for His help, we are transformed through the act of humbling ourselves before Him.

For example, in spite of believing we can manage the many demands of our hectic schedules, we find we struggle with consistently reading the Bible and spending time daily with God. Although we desire to be faithful and disciplined, it seems that something always comes up. At the first sign of missing our appointed time, we should go to God for help that comes from beyond our own strength. By humbling ourselves to ask for help in establishing our daily routine, we honour God and, of course, He is eager to strengthen us to do whatever it takes to be in consistent fellowship with Him.

Will you make the choice to humble yourself and ask God for His help? Now that’s the choice driven life!



Today’s Bible Reading: 

1 Kings 5; 2 Chr 2; 2 Thess 3





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  1. When you pause to really think about this, that nothing is too small for God, it’s miraculous. As I think back on my days as a full-time mom, I would often be overwhelmed by all the “small things” my children needed. Three children 3-years old and under…

    It just blows my mind that our Father God is never overwhelmed by our needs, questions, and our desire to just be with Him. He welcomes us 24/7. No waiting line, no busy signal, no voice mail. It’s really too much grace to truly comprehend!

  2. God has been showing me the importance of “asking” for this past year… and I’ve been saved since I was little!! There are so many verses we look over or think “I’ll use that when I need it.” Boy, am I learning how much He really desires to ever-present in our lives, each and every day. It’s up to us to ask Him to be there with us and be looking for His interaction. He’s such a GREAT GOD!

  3. As always, a very good devotional Olga! I believe it is human nature to do things in our own strength, but it is wonderful that we have a God wants to help us! I believe that we need to call on the name of Jesus more and more as he loves to help his children. So often we try and do things in your own strength rather than in holy spirit power. Let us call on the name of Jesus more and more!

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