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"The Choices I Make Today Will Determine The Rest Of My Life!" Ginny Dye


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I am sure that it is one of the best choices you have made. You will be aware of your choices from now on, because it is our choices that make our lives what they are. “Successful people do ‘daily’ what others do ‘occassionally’.”

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  1. Hi Olga, thanks so much for the Daily Choice. Looking forward to receiving them. I also want to thank you for becoming an expert panelist for The Happypreneur i-Magazine. I know our readers will be enlightened, encouraged and blessed by your ‘choice driven’ philosophy.

    God Bless,

  2. I have just been reading some of your very good articles on your website! Just signed up for your daily readings too! Good to have the word coming into your mail box!

  3. anita partanen says:

    Hi Olga
    My first husband died, my second husband married me to try and take the house. My third husband got a blocked artery, had a seizure, then didn’t reconise me and wanted to kill me. I started bible college this year to find my purpose and destiny in Christ. I found your website by accident and it has helped me in so many ways. It has given me inner peace from reading the articles on the choices we make, how we look at our problems, and to view our life circumstances from people in the bible who upheld Godly principles. Thank you for revealing God’s word to help heal myself and others. I have now signed up to know more of God’s truth so I can make better choices in my life
    God Bless

    • You are so welcome Anita….I pray that your life will be turned around and I believe that the best is yet to come for you! Stay in touch, ok?

  4. rosanna says:

    HELLO,Thank you so much Olga I am so blessed by reading your articles, its easier to understand and help me strengthen my faith to GOD ,god bless you more !

  5. Hi Olga,

    I thank God for allowing me to come across your article entitled “determined”. While in prayer this afternoon, the Lord began to speak to my heart concerning being diligent. Then we He began to let me know that He wanted me to set my face like a flint, it really made me do as you did, do some research on setting your face like a flint. And as a result of my research, this is how I came across you.

    Please pray for me as we are about to enter this new year that God will give me greater determination to live for Him with all of my heart, mind, and soul. And definitely allow Him to help me to “set my face like a flint”

    Blessings to you and your Ministry.


  6. Ishola Idowu says:

    Thank God i found u and i believe God will use u tu solve my problem…i want u tu pray along 4 me as am in ma final year in d university studying nutrition and dietetics. I use tu b a mathematical sciences student but i had tu change my course when i was adviced by the department tu withdraw due tu bad grade which i later did bt glory tu God am in my finals in d new department i changed tu bt d problem is d spirit of laziness and procrastination is really eaten me up,i know wat tu do buh to act on it is d problem…i will like if u can pray 4 deliverance 4 me…thanks and God bless u…hoping to hear 4rm u soon

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