Confidence is Required

To Succeed At Being Ourselves, We Must Be Confident


Confidence is Required

by Olga Hermans

To succeed at being ourselves, we must be confident. When we have confidence in ourselves, we might miss the mark. How does that work? Jesus said “…apart from Me [cut off from vital union with Me] you can do nothing” John 15:5. We all struggle with this truth; we keep trying to do things in our own strength, instead of placing all our trust in God.

A lot of our inner agony, struggling and frustration is because of our own misplaced confidence, even when we place it in our own family and friends. That doesn’t mean that we cannot trust anyone, but if we put the trust which belongs to God alone in  our friends and family instead; that will make it hard to experience the victory that we desire so much.

God will not allow us to succeed until our assurance is in the right place, in the right person. We have to give Him the credit for everything that we overcome and become successful in.

God did not create us to fail; we might fail at some things on our way to success, but if we trust Him, He will take our mistakes and work them out for good. Rom. 8:28: I have discovered this for myself that God will take my mistakes and turn them into miracles.

We all have a destiny and if we don’t do what we are good at, passionate about, something that we think about all the time, we feel frustrated and unfulfilled in our life because we are not doing what we are called and gifted to do.

However, just because we are destined to do something does not mean that it will happen automatically. There is a time to learning and testing; which is the very reason that many people want to give up and quit. We lose confidence in ourselves. You have to get your confidence back before you can move forward again. Trusting God is very significant to be able to go and conquer new territories so to speak.

You know, when we lose our confidence, we give place to the devil. Be confident about your gifts and calling. Believe that you hear from God. Be confident that people like you, and you will discover that more people do. You will become bold. See yourself as a winner.

Our confidence can be shaken when trials come, especially if the trials are long lasting. It perplexes us and we don’t like it of course; we don’t want to deal with it and shove it under the rug.  We must understand how much God loves us, and that He is always with us, that He ALWAYS causes us to triumph no matter what. What is the reason then that we lose our confidence so quickly? Yeah….because we neglect to choose to have confidence in God.

Sometimes we are in seasons of our life where we have to remind ourselves: This too shall pass! And smile! 🙂 You will become stronger through the trial and it will help you in the future!

Confidence is very, very important, without confidence we are stifled at every turn. Satan comes against us, he drops a bomb of strife or maybe one of your children acts just crazy. You might go through a rough situation right now; your confidence is shaken on every side. Maybe there is nobody that would understand what you are going through right now. You feel defeated and your dreams are destroyed; turn your confidence towards God. He is the only one that can pick you up again, give you a fresh start and a new beginning.

We must make a choice to take a step of faith and decide to be confident in all things. God might correct us, but that is a sign to us that He loves us! Don’t play it safe and do nothing. Confident people get the job done; they are fulfilled because they succeed at being themselves. I believe right now that God is stirring you up to be confident, to be confident when you pray, to be confident that you hear from God. Be confident that you walking in the will of God, be confident when you speak an encouraging word to somebody.

Make a choice today to grow in your confidence.

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  1. This reminds me of the day that I overheard my grandson (about 6 at the time) say to one of the little boys on his soccer team who was struggling with confidence saying ” I can’t do it, I am not fast enough” and my grandson replied, “My grandmother says God knows everything and He made us to be able to do anything we want so that means you can do it!” Simple as that.
    denny hagel recently posted..Are You Having Fun With Your TeenagerMy Profile

  2. It is well said.In all endeavors confidence is very vital.I never see a coward winning a battle.Thanks for this post and be in touch..Lovely day
    Ebenezer Adokwei recently posted..“FREE YOUR MIND!”My Profile

  3. The Bible verse you quoted John 15:5 is one of my favorite and there is so much of that truth that I hold on to each day from that verse. Through Him I have confidence and without confidence, we can’t be what we are called to be.

  4. Robert Hendrixs says:

    Confidence is a big thing, we are open to failure if we don’t trust God. We have to move forward towards all what God has for us and just go and do it. Thanks

  5. A great reminder that it doesn’t matter what we think we can do or not do, it’s all about what God has planned for us to do through Him. We can all be confident through trusting His perfect plan for us, and His plan is much better than ours!

  6. Charlotte Feldberg says:

    I know firsthand what it means to live without confidence. I have applied truths and principles to my life and now I live in victory and going strong. Awesome

  7. I believe God has made so much provision for us that our failures are as nothing… children aren’t so upset by falling down or getting a bad grade – it’s only their fear of what their parents or others may think… and we are to be childlike. Trusting God and ourselves takes love… with love we can do anything!

  8. Jennifer Redshaw says:

    For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in me will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. … That is my faith statement today

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