44 Eight Keys to a Happy Family

Eight Keys to a Happy Family 



For if someone does not know how to manage his own household,
how will he care for God’s church?
1 Timothy 3:5 ESV

Our relationship with Jesus is lived out first within our families. A close-knit and loving family provides a safe harbour for our well being. The family of your dreams won’t just happen. It takes intention, wisdom and supernatural love to create and sustain a happy family.

Through TV news, reality programs and the Internet, we are given a window into today’s families. Often it’s a sad picture. Dysfunction is the norm, and divorce to be expected.

But God has a better way. He wants your family to be strong, to love Him, and to love each other. Today, let’s look at eight keys to building and sustaining a happy family, God’s way.

1. Each family member has a relationship with Jesus Christ. They all seek God for answers to problems or challenges, knowing that God is the source of every area in their lives.

2. Pray for one another. Praying together, including laying hands on one another for sicknesses or diseases strengthens Christian families. These are the Bible basics that begin in the home. Children feel very secure when they know their parents and brothers and sisters are praying for them. 

3. Speak life over one another. Words can lift us up or they can tear us down. They can wound or promote healing. We can speak life to those around us or we can speak death. Speaking negatively to a spouse, especially in front of children, damages the entire family. A child who is constantly put down and told he/she will never amount may act to fulfill that expectation.

 4. Show affection to one another. It is proven that the lack of physical touch and love has a profound effect upon who we are and who we become. If you grew up without the words “I love you” or kisses and hugs from your parents, break that curse. Be generous in demonstrating with affection within your family.

5. Talk with one other. Keep the lines of communication open when there are problems that need to be resolved. Be slow to anger. Don’t hibernate and ignore problems. Share them with each other and then pray about them as a family. 

6. Serve one another. Being a Christian calls us to serve to others, and that includes your family. Be willing to take care of each other’s needs. Husbands, if the house needs cleaning, pitch in — and the same goes for the children. It’s not just the mother’s responsibility. All family members should share family responsibilities. The Bible talks about mutual submission when it comes to a marriage. That means being willing to serve and take care of each other.

7. Serve together in church and community. We are called to help others and to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The best example that parents can give to their children is to serve others who are in need. Parents, set a good example for your children. They will follow what they see you do. Be of service to others.

8. Laugh with one another. A good laugh will set everybody free from pent-up emotions. Laughter is like medicine. Just laugh about things that you can laugh about. Be playful, embrace joy, and share humour together.

Without family harmony, we wander — searching for other ports, so often to our detriment. A happy and godly family is a safe harbour for all its members. Parents, good families don’t just happen. They come about through your diligent and Christ-like focus and effort.

Will you choose to be that family that puts Jesus in the center, because that pleases God and you will reap abundant rewards in this life?  Now, that’s the choice-driven life!

Today’s Bible Reading: 

Num 3-5; Heb 12






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The Most Important Choice You Can Make:

Prayer for Salvation:

God in Heaven, I come to You in the name of Your Son, Jesus. I confess that I haven’t lived my life for You. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God. I believe that He died on the cross and rose again from the dead so I might have a better life now and eternal life in heaven. Jesus, come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior. From this day forward, I’ll live my life for You to the best of my ability. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

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  1. Dear Olga ! The article is great and very informative ! Thank you very much !
    Thank you for telling about principles of good families. There is a big contrast between your approach to family and awful stories told by my friends or shown on TV.
    You gave me hope for the good family.

  2. Cloe Grant says:

    My family is very important to me and I want to do everything possible to keep it that way and even make our relationships even better. Speaking life and laughing will help me a lot because I have the tendency to be too serious in life; thank you!

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