200 Five Practices of Fruitfulness


Five Practices of Fruitfulness


Either make the tree good and its fruit good,
or make the tree bad and its fruit bad;
for the tree is known by its fruit.
Matthew 12:33 (NASB)


God created every living thing to be fruitful: to become bigger, older, wiser, smarter, better and stronger. He most assuredly wants us to grow spiritually. We do that by responding to Him. The Bible refers to this as being fruitful or bearing much fruit.

Let’s have a look at the practices of spiritual fruitfulness:

1. Prepare Good Soil
The new birth, which is God’s seed, was planted in us the moment we were born again. And through that seed, God’s divine power was imparted to us. Good soil is the first requirement for seeds to develop into fruitful plants. Jesus spoke of four types of soil in His parable of the sower: hard, rocky, weed-choked, and good soil. Good soil is the heart that is receptive and responsive to God, and which has depth for the things of God to take root and develop. Good soil has no tolerance for the weeds of distraction that choke out the seed. And even the best soil requires water.

2. Water with the Spirit
The Believer’s heart is watered by the river of God’s Spirit – an essential ingredient for our fruitfulness (John 7:37-39). Continually allow God’s Spirit to water the seeds of His nature that have been planted within your heart. Undoubtedly, challenges and pressure will come to sap your vitality, stressing you toward wilting, so to speak. But refreshing, and watering, are available in the presence of the Spirit. He is faithful to counsel, comfort, and teach us. Don’t wait until you are wilting. Stay well-watered in the flow of the Spirit. And be continually fertilized through the application of God’s Word.

3. Fertilize with the Word
Fertilization brings about higher yields of fruit – in other words, more apples per bushel. The Believer’s fertilizer is the Word of God. First Peter 2:2 tell us that God’s Word is as essential to our growth as milk is to a baby’s growth. The miraculous quality of God’s Word is that it addresses any deficiency that is hindering our fruitfulness. Whatever element we may be lacking, the Word of God supplies it.
Just like nutrients in the food we eat supply what our physical bodies need. Fertilization with God’s Word includes reading and meditation, as well as speaking it forth in faith. Remaining fervent for God’s Word will cause us to grow – to become ever more diligent, eager and earnest to walk in the light.

4. Grow Toward The Light
All plants are sustained by the light energy from the sun. We become spiritually fruitful by living and walking in the light of God. In Jesus is life and His life is the light of men (John 1:4). Ephesians 5:8 says we were formerly in darkness, but now we are in the light of the Lord. As we follow Jesus, we have the promise of His light to guide us even we are surrounded by darkness. And in His light we become more fruitful. But even fruitful plants will sometimes need to be pruned.

5. Prune for Maximum Yield
Jesus said in John 15:3, “You are cleansed and pruned already because of the word which I have given you.” When we align our lives with the truths of God’s Word, the dead or unfruitful ways in our lives are being pruned so that we may become even more fruitful.

Sometimes we are pruned by tough situations. Adversity causes us to adapt and grow in ways that otherwise we would not. Other times we are self-pruned by denying our flesh – making difficult choices to be doers of the Word. Even though we may become weary in exercising love or self-control, the more we do it the easier it becomes. That’s growth!

Will you choose to respond to Jesus’ call to be fruitful? Now, that’s the choice-driven life!


Today’s Bible Reading:

Jer 22, 23, 26; James 2; Psalm 77





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