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Are You A Salty Believer?


Salt is good: but if the salt has lost its saltiness, wherewith will ye season it?
Mark 9:50


Have you ever noticed that from a 5-star restaurant to a small village cafe, salt is always available?  And salt tastes the same regardless if its shaker is made of silver or cardboard.   So, we could say that salt is consistently salty; it is “no respecter of restaurants.”

Spiritual qualities are also consistently salty and no respecter of persons.  Kindness, a fruit of the Spirit, always has an effect on others. Regardless of how unsavory a person or a situation may be, kindness always has the same quality and always produces the same flavor.

James 2:9 tells us: “But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law of transgressors.” But what does it mean to be a respecter of persons?  It means to treat people inconsistently – to show favor or partiality to some and not to others.  In my experience, being a respecter of persons is one of the most widespread sins in the Body of Christ today.   Many Christians display the attitude that not everyone is worthy to experience their favor.  They are like salt and pepper—a little salt here, a little pepper there—a little kindness here, a little judgment there. Ouch!

The “salty” believer can look beyond people’s differences and sometimes irritating behaviors and consistently extend kindness to all.  We as believers need to be particularly “salty” with unbelievers. I have seen many believers separate themselves from sin and evildoers to the degree that they become unkind to people.

It’s true.  We do need to separate ourselves from the world’s system.   But that doesn’t call for rudeness  to those of the world. How can the people of the earth be salted if the salt loses its savor each time they come in contact with it?  In other words, how can we believers expect to tenderize the hearts of sinners if we are not tender toward them?

God desires for the fullness of fruit of the Spirit to flow through us to others. It’s through the fullness of the Spirit that we show we are different than the crowd.  We are equipped to change the atmosphere of the crowd and not allow its atmosphere to change us.  The Holy Spirit never mistreats or shames people to bring them to Jesus.  People are drawn to Jesus by the way we allow His Spirit to manifest through us. By allowing the Spirit to minister through us, out of hearts abounding in the love and compassion of God Himself, people come to know Jesus and be filled with His Holy Spirit.

God wants to trust us that He can send anyone to us, regardless of his spiritual state or station in life, into our fellowship.  He can trust us to respond in love with no regard for how that person may be able to benefit the church or ourselves.

Will you choose to be a savory, salty believer? Now that’s the choice-driven life!


Today’s Bible Reading: 

Isa 26-29; 1 Cor 4; Psalm 65





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  1. GREAT post!
    Too often sharing our faith verbally is presented as either the first or only step of evangelism, in reality it is the final step.
    Salt makes things taste good. Our actions…THEN our words make following Jesus ‘taste good’ to those who don’t yet know Him.
    Really well done.
    Matthew Reed recently posted..What is a Platform?My Profile

  2. What a POWERFUL post, Olga!

    I love this: “We are equipped to change the atmosphere of the crowd and not allow its atmosphere to change us.”

    Food can be so bland and boring without salt… we’re hear to bring out the flavor in those around us. That speaks to me that it’s about THEM and not about me. My influence on others should be helping to enhance their lives.

    I love how you use the fruits of the Spirit in this salt-shaker analogy… so very powerful!
    Susan McKenzie recently posted..Rise Up A WarriorMy Profile

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