124 Faith Perseveres to Fulfilment


Faith Perseveres to Fulfilment



“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you
and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)




All our hopes and dreams are given to us by God. He has dropped His plans and desires in our hearts.

God wants His plans to become our plans and His ways to become our ways. It is His custom designed path to happiness and fulfillment. But it‘s our choice whether to pursue what He’s put in our hearts.

It is our responsibility to believe, receive, cultivate, and protect what He has given us. It may take time to clear away the clutter of genuine missteps and trying to please others. But if we seek God and continue in faith, we’ll discover the life we were born to live.

What prevents us from seeing our God-given dreams become reality? There are always obstacles and pitfalls along the way. It takes faith to persevere and see our dreams fulfilled.

Joseph is a key example of how we are to nurture and persevere with the dreams God has placed in our hearts. He received a dream from God, but didn’t really understand its far-reaching significance. He saw it in terms of himself and his family. Yet God was going to use Joseph to save his nation (Genesis 37:5-11). Joseph unwisely shared the dream with his brothers, and that was the beginning of many obstacles to the fulfillment of the dream.

He faced setback after setback that would make it appear that his God-given dream was only in his imagination. But Joseph guarded his heart in the midst of all the setbacks, staying on track to see his desires and dreams come to pass. The last big hurdle Joseph had to face was forgiveness. He could have harboured bitterness against his brothers for betraying him, but He chose to see it all as being used of the Lord.

We too will face opposition on our journey to see our dreams fulfilled. Like Joseph, we should plan for setbacks, and continue to guard our hearts – especially from unforgiveness and bitterness. In the end, we too will be able to testify “you meant me harm, but God used it for good” (Genesis 5:20).

Are setbacks causing you to doubt the dream God has placed in your heart?

Will you choose to guard your heart and persevere to its fulfilment? Now that’s the choice driven life!




Today’s Bible Reading: 

Song of Sol 7-8; 2 Thess 2; Psalm 127





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  1. Love this article…such a powerful message…when we see our life in concert with God everything becomes much bigger and greater than what is happening in our immediate circle. Our dreams and passions, what lives in our hearts, is clearly direction from Him. Then, even the obstacles and challenges are gifts. Thanks Olga, you are a wonderful example to all of us:)

  2. A couple of things stood out for me in this one. First, the fact that Joseph’s biggest opposition came from family. It is so unfortunate, yet so true that often the ones you get the most negativity and discouragement from about your dreams are the ones closest to you- your siblings, your parents, even your spouse.
    Which made me realize the second point you made. You can’t tell everyone your dreams.
    Thanks Olga.

    • Yes I know Ron; I/we had to face the same problem. God brought us to Canada; we are standing for the salvation of our siblings; they will come!!

  3. Love it! It all spoke to me, however, getting hit at the beginning with God planting His plans and dreams in us made a real impact. I think we can get away from that when we start focusing on how we are going to make it happen in our own strength. When we remember HE’S the one that put those ideas there, and then as ask for His help and guidance making it happen, that’s when we step into His purpose for us and learn the character He wants to build in us.

  4. at a group that I lead we were studying James 4:12-18. v. 13 talks about people who make their own plans and dream their own dreams and how those plans and dreams God isn’t impressed with. v.15 speaks to people who start with ‘God’s will be done, here’s my dream/plan’ and says those are the ones who will be blessed.

    • Awesome! We need to know the difference on how we follow our own impulses in life or the direction of the Lord; we fall short if we follow our own plan. Thanks for your comment Matthew!

  5. “It is our responsibility to believe, receive, cultivate, and protect what He has given us.” Yes! Interesting that after all of that, Joseph faced giving forgiveness. And he kept persevering. God really promoted & lifted him. God can do the same with us!

  6. Such a powerful article Olga. It’s all up to us. We have the responsibility to make it happen with his help. He didn’t say it was easy. Good word about guarding our heart and plan for setbacks.

  7. This sentence you wrote, Olga, gives me butterflies in my tummy…. “Like Joseph, we should plan for setbacks, and continue to guard our hearts – especially from unforgiveness and bitterness. In the end, we too will be able to testify “you meant me harm, but God used it for good”

    This is a miracle waiting to happen… I feel like if I grab hold of this sentence it’s my own miracle, just now! Thank you, Olga 🙂

  8. Olga…This is my most favorite scripture!! So glad you shared it! I have often thought, and been told by others on occasion, that my art wasn’t important. Those negative words take years to recover from. I know that it is a gift that God has given me and I am responsible to use it. But…it takes a walk of faith, because I still hear those words daily. But, there is a hope and a future, and I am the one to walk that out in this life!
    Thank you…You always encourage me!

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