106 Make the Right Choices and You Will Succeed


Make the Right Choices and You Will  Succeed



I call heaven and earth to witness against you today,
that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse.
Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live.
Deut. 30:19 ESV

The choices that determine the success of your life are those made in secret, because they happen on the inside first. Later, all can see the results of those choices. That’s the key to making choices in every area of our life. 

Many times when we need to make decisions, we approach them with so much caution it’s as though they were packages marked with “Handle with Care.”

But when we need to make small personal choices, the act of choosing happens so quickly that we don’t recognize that we made a choice. Do we ever ask ourselves question such as “What am I really choosing? Where might this choice lead? Do I want to go in that direction?” We should!

Our choices sometimes have long-term consequences which ultimately can make a difference between success and failure. So, your secret choices are critical. You can train yourself to use them to determine your success in life. It’s not a matter of luck or randomness. The responsibility and benefits of choice are all yours.

You can increase your awareness of your choices and their consequences. You can learn how to take charge of them and how to make the best choices for every area of your life.

The first choice, forgiveness, is very important and it allows us to begin with a clean slate. We do that by forgiving others who have hurt us through words or actions. We must also forgive ourselves. Any form of unforgiveness is a danger to us. It literally poisons the body and attacks the heart.

Here are 3 reasons why we must forgive:

1. We can’t be forgiven by God, if we don’t forgive.
We should walk in a continual forgiving of others. Forgiveness is a choice! How can I say this? Because we are also able to choose NOT to forgive. The same way we can choose to forgive.

2. Faith won’t work in an unforgiving heart.
People who receive from God are quick to repent, quick to forgive, and quick to believe.
This point is well-illustrated by a true story I was told about two families. One family did everything almost perfect. They came to church whenever the doors were open. They faithfully read their Bible and did all the “requested” things a Christian should do. Then there was the farmer family who weren’t always able to go to church on Sunday because of farm work. Yet, this family seemed to be able to receive much from God, much more than the family who regularly attended church. For example, when someone was sick, they prayed, and the sick person was healed. Why did the farmer’s family receive so much more from God than the other family? The farmer’s family was quick to repent, quick to forgive and quick to believe. The first family always held onto grudges as long as possible. Which family do you want to be like?

3. You can’t go forward if you can’t let go.
When you look back, you can’t look forward to see the direction you are headed. Simple! And it’s true! The act of forgiveness includes letting go and looking ahead. Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt because she looked back at the city of Sodom. We don’t want our lives to become a pillar of salt. We want to look toward the horizon of God’s good plan that is coming to pass.

Will you make a choice to increase your awareness of your choices and their consequences? Now, that’s the choice-driven life!


Today’s Bible Reading: 

1 Chr 22-25; Romans 5; Psalm 78





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